About Us

Manufacturer and Distributor of Fillo and Kataifi Dough

Oriental Pastry Products (PPO) is a family owned and operated manufacturer and distributor of Lilas, Omega and Alpha brands of fillo dough baking supplies. It all began in 1985 in a small building with a handful of employees. Because of our passion for the products and our commitment to excellence, PPO quickly expanded.

It is the combination of a dedicated and hard-working team along with a loyal and friendly customer base that has made this ongoing journey most gratifying.

It is superior quality and excellent customer service that inspires us to be equipped with all the assets needed for positioning ourselves as an important fillo dough manufacturer in North America.

PPO strives on satisfying all customers' needs and tastes with personalized, friendly service. This is one of the benefits of dealing with a family owned and run operation. The members of the family are involved at all levels, from order taking to quality control of the final product. We understand how important it is to accommodate individual needs, particularly in this fast-paced industry.

Over the past decade, fillo has become a staple in many families' homes as it presents the user with endless healthy and delicious meal options. Fillo is used by most well renowned chefs and is constantly being reinvented. PPO is aware of this trend and has dedicated itself to offering customers a product that is easy to use and availability to answer any questions. Any one of the six family members would be more than happy to discuss any concern or to offer tasty and helpful suggestions.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is what has secured an advantageous position for us in this competitive market. It is this key quality that will enable us to sustain our presence in the current markets while targeting a larger territory.

We would like to thank all our customers, many who have become friends, for continuing to support us and we hope to make many new acquaintances in the years to come.

Dib and Anthony Lahoud